Peg Mulqueen; Ashtanga teacher, magazine editor, podcaster and more

This episode contains occasional profanity.

Peg Mulqueen began practicing yoga 17 years ago, after her kickboxing class and she would leave before savasana because taking a break in life didn’t make sense to her. She started teaching yoga because the regular teacher was pregnant. After that, she began studying yoga sequences and only then did she look for a teacher training program. Two years later, she opened up a yoga studio. She emphatically states that this is the wrong way to go about it, now that she knows. But, that was her path.

Peg speaks frankly about her frustration with the present yoga system: churning out teachers in packaged programs. She gives a new idea for a business model for yoga studios that could replace the teacher certification program; it is an on-going relationship between students and the teacher or studio. People crave knowledge and that is often why many of enter teacher training. This business model is not really new, it is based on the old way of study; one on one.

Being a yoga teacher is not a great business model because it is about the people, not about the money. And so many people now think big and that can be their downfall. Peg encourages teachers to start small. Students care more about relationships. Invest in people, not in overhead.

Peg explains that Ashtanga is a breathing method, not a physical practice.

On a whim, she and her daughter created a magazine called Ashtanga Dispatch. From the magazine, the podcast soon followed with the help of Chris Lucas. There is also a blog that Peg occasionally writes in. All these can be found at the website,

Blog Post: Why (Almost) Everything you Learned in Teacher Training is Wrong

She mentioned Samantha Lucas, a woman who practiced Ashtanga Yoga and is missing the lower part of one leg. You can learn more about her on her Facebook page.

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Alia Khan; How a Recovering Lawyer becomes a studio owner

Alia Khan and I conducted this interview at Wanderlust in Snowshoe, WV. She is a yoga teacher and owns a yoga studio in Washington D.C. She found herself in the business of yoga after becoming dissatisfied with her job as an attorney. The motivation came from understanding the difference between being comfortable and being happy. Alia talks about the removal of the religion from yoga without taking away the spirituality, and why, as a Muslim/Indian/American that is so important to her. She offers some ideas why yoga is different than a regular workout and explains why she instructs in a very detailed and exacting manner. While the opportunity to open a yoga studio presented itself without seeking it, Alia talks about the planning and challenges of that process. The importance of being paid for what you are worth. She addresses the work ethic required for the owner of a studio, her rituals and also the importance of taking time away. Alia gets a little vulnerable and opens up about her pre-bedtime ritual.

As Alia puts it, she teaches real yoga for real people and is on a mission to bring yoga to people who think that it isn’t for them. If you enjoyed hearing Alia’s story, there are lots of ways that you can connect with her. First and foremost, she runs a yoga studio in Washington D.C. called East Side Yoga.  Her various social media are listed below including her spotify accout so that you can listen to her playlists. She has recently started a blog which is also below. And, she is running an alignment-focused 200HR Yoga Teacher Training this fall at her studio, so be sure to reach out to her if that is of interest to you.



Spotify – alia0628

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Arianne Traverso; Teacher, Studio Owner & Business Coach

Ari and I having some fun on the beach in Miami.

On a whim, Ari took a yoga class in college and was immediately obsessed. For the first few years, her life was eclectic and varied, but her yoga practice was constant. Her first teaching experience came out of the blue; her teacher told her one day that she was leading the class. Only after that teaching moment, did she consider becoming a teacher.

Her experience as a freelance marketer helped her to feel comfortable as a self-motivated traveling yoga teacher. Taking part in the very first AcroYoga teacher training helped her to find her niche. After a few years, she decided to open a yoga studio. Like everything else, she committed to the studio completely. By the time the studio was one of the most popular in Miami, she expanded her offerings to business coaching.

Arianne Traverso has so much to offer anyone who is looking to break into the yoga business or those looking to take their business to the next level. She is not someone who is dabbling in some new curiosity, she has many years of experience and success to call on. During our conversation, she offers a handful of tips and tricks to help you along.

Because the interview took place over the phone, the sound quality is a bit below par, but the content of the conversation more than makes up for it.

If you are interested in learning more about what Arianne Traverso can do for you in her coaching, follow her link, There, you will find her 7 step blueprint to freedom and expansion and she will help you to create a life filled with purpose and alignment with a business & brand you love.

You can reach Ari through her website, And through her Facebook page.

In our conversation she mentioned the E Myth. You can find a link to the book in all of its different formats, below.

Helping Vets Help Vets: On Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2017, there will be a special event: All over the country, teachers will be running a class that is dedicated to the veterans of the U.S. military to honor their efforts and to bring awareness to the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. All proceeds from the class will go to a scholarship fund that will send veterans to a yoga teacher training run by VEToga. VEToga was created by veterans, for veterans. You can learn more on the Facebook page for Boundless Service. We are currently looking for teachers that would like to participate. You can sign up as a teacher or participant on the Boundless Service website. #HelpingVetsHelpVets

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