Interview with Tracey Alysson who tells of her pilgrimage in Tibet.

Tracey Alysson, Ph.D.


A Kora is a type of meditative practice and a type of pilgrimage. A Kora is performed by someone making a clockwise circumambulation around a sacred site or object, typically as part of a pilgrimage, ceremony, celebration or ritual.

In 2006, Tracey Alysson conducted a Kora around Mount Kailash; a sacred mountain in the wilderness of Tibet. The path is 34 miles long and Tracey made the journey by prostration; she would lay down, prone on the ground and then stand up where her hands had been and do it again, all the way around the mountain.

She kept a journal during her preparation and during the pilgrimage itself. When she returned home to the United States, she wrote a book about her experience.

The book tells of the physical challenges, the emotional strain and the spiritual growth of the pilgrimage. In the interview, we talk about her experience and how it has impacted her life.

Sadly, the last 2.5 minutes of the conversation was lost because the batteries in our recording equipment died and we were not aware that it had happened. The most important part of the lost conversation is that you can purchase the story in ebook, paperback and hardcover formats by clicking the link, here. You can learn more about Tracey Alysson on her website,

Interview with a middle eastern yogi/refugee

Bassam Kubba

Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Seeker and Refugee

Bassam grew up in Iraq. When the situation there became too dangerous, he and his family moved out of the country. He moved around the middle east, living in various countries illegally for about 7 years, doing various jobs. During that time, he was seeking legal, immigrant status but he was a low priority. At one point he learned that he would have an easier time finding asylum if he acknowledges his homosexuality, because of the threats of violence and potential death in that part of the world. Soon after, he was living in New York City.

When he was introduced to yoga, it looked like a religion to him, which conflicted with his religion of birth. Over time, he decided that the stories of India can be inspirational and they guided his inner search.

Bassam has lived through a lot of personal, internal conflicts with his sexuality, his religion and his profession. Of course, internal conflicts never end, but hopefully the intensity will subside. Now he teaches yoga, aerial yoga and acroyoga.

I hope that you enjoy the third episode of the podcast, Chats from the Mat, yoga inspired conversations with me, Brian Macrae Davis.

How to find Bassam Kubba

You can find him around New York City and at either of the Om Factory locations.

You can follow him on Instagram, @theacroflyer, and on Facebook.

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