Interview with Tracey Alysson who tells of her pilgrimage in Tibet.

Tracey Alysson, Ph.D.


A Kora is a type of meditative practice and a type of pilgrimage. A Kora is performed by someone making a clockwise circumambulation around a sacred site or object, typically as part of a pilgrimage, ceremony, celebration or ritual.

In 2006, Tracey Alysson conducted a Kora around Mount Kailash; a sacred mountain in the wilderness of Tibet. The path is 34 miles long and Tracey made the journey by prostration; she would lay down, prone on the ground and then stand up where her hands had been and do it again, all the way around the mountain.

She kept a journal during her preparation and during the pilgrimage itself. When she returned home to the United States, she wrote a book about her experience.

The book tells of the physical challenges, the emotional strain and the spiritual growth of the pilgrimage. In the interview, we talk about her experience and how it has impacted her life.

Sadly, the last 2.5 minutes of the conversation was lost because the batteries in our recording equipment died and we were not aware that it had happened. The most important part of the lost conversation is that you can purchase the story in ebook, paperback and hardcover formats by clicking the link, here. You can learn more about Tracey Alysson on her website,

Two Monks at the River – A (very) short story

This episode breaks new ground; we are adding a new facet to our yoga chats. This is the first of many yoga stories. Some will be long and some, like this one, will be short. In fact, this one is very short.

If you like this story, you can find this one and more like it in this in the children’s book called Zen Shorts by Jon Muth. The link to the book is below.

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